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Saturday, July 28, 2012

What Causes Tonsil Stones?

Before thinking of how to cure this disease it is important to know exactly “what causes tonsil stones?”. Here is a list of potential factors that may lead to this health issue.

1. Bacteria, dead cells and other organism

Tonsils are part of the immune system  and their role is to stop organism and bacteria to go down the throat. These unwanted elements are deposited in the tonsil crypts and if they are not treated they will solidify and become like stones. Therefore, a first cause consists of the bacteria, dead cells and other organism.

2. A bad oral hygiene

A bad oral hygiene can be another cause. If the teeth are not brushed well or if the last meal of the day is less than half an hour before going to sleep the remained food particles will hoard in your mouth and can lead to the development of such condition.

3. A bad diet

A bad diet can cause a lot of trouble for  your body in so many health aspects. “Tonsil stones” is also an area where the bad results of a poor diet can bee seen. Also by consuming too many dairy products, mucous and calcium will buildup and this is not recommended since these are two elements that may determine the forming of tonsil stones. 

4. Excess of mucus 

Another aspect to take into consideration as a cause is the excess of mucus gathered  in the back of your throat. The proteins found in mucus are like a food for the bacteria responsible for tonsil stones. Infections and allergies also favor tonsil stones since they are causing an excess of mucus in the throat.

5. Medication, smoking and dreaking

Another potential cause are many prescription medications meant to treat other infections. One of the side effects of many pills is drying your mouth. This fact can  lead to bacterial overgrowth, durability and other health problems. Some other root cause are smoking and  drinking. These two habits make the mouth dry and this will mean that more bacteria will appear.  

6. Genetics 

When it comes to find more answers to  the question” what causes tonsil stones?” there will be some opinions that sustain the idea that this condition appears due to genetic reasons. It is believed that if the parents had tonsil stones there is a higher probability that the children will develop them too. 

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